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Talented Words – Copywriting Services for Hire

For many years now our company writers have provided excellent copywriting, research, ghostwriting and presentation preparation services to students, magazines, newspapers, business professionals, nonprofit organizations and many others. Delivering well-prepared assignments consistently is no minor skill, nor is this skill acquired overnight. Our writers have under gone extensive training, experience in their fields, and take a great deal of pride in their abilities. Thanks to this level of excellence and work ethic, our clients routinely receive completed work of the highest caliber. The foundations of this writing methodology are based in old-fashioned dedication and integrity. To our paper writer, it does not matter whether the assignment is a business brochure, an academic case study, a ten-page magazine article or a 100-page website. They treat each and every project and each and every client with the same high level of courtesy and professionalism. In every case, delivering our client’s message clearly, concisely and intriguingly is our primary goal. To achieve this goal, we assist our clients in clarifying their message and sharpening it to an irresistibly compelling topic. We attempt to do this before we start writing word one. We focus on this message while writing, creating relevant and entertaining pieces targeted to the intended targets, regardless of the level. This attitude and practice is expected from each of our writers. This is to ensure that the materials we produce meet our client’s specific needs and objectives.


Examples of How We Apply This Standard

Applying this standard to our work takes specific techniques. With each medium, modifications must be made to meet content limits, style expectations and anticipated audience. Our writers can easily alter their style to accommodate each of the differing needs.



Usually for brochures, brevity is the rule. The writer creates the content (or copy) based upon expectations of the client, including, at times, references to included charts, graphics or pictures. Brochures are usually extremely limited in space and the writer must work extra hard to communicate the client’s message within the space available.


Case Studies

Case studies require special handling. Typically, a specific incident or event is presented for intensive analysis, the “case,” and a report is generated evaluating what happened, why it happened and what effect or meaning it might have in other situations. Frequently additional research is performed to explain how the situation could have been avoided or to build recommendations for addressing the issues presented in the case study.



For publications (newspapers, magazines or newsletters), additional effort must be taken to prepare the materials for publication. Frequently publications expect a particular line or word count from their writers. Publication articles typically require interviewing key people involved or knowledgeable about the topic or event in the article.


Opinion Articles

Opinion articles are much more than they sound like. They are a cross between editorials on a given subject and an information presentation. The article, supported by research and/or evidence, presents the opinion of the writer (or client). The main purpose of the article is to convince the reader to side with the opinion of the article. To accomplish this the subject is presented by showing evidence on both sides of the issue, but in such a way that one side or the other is favored.


Speeches & Presentations

Preparing speeches and presentations may be one of the most challenging assignments for a writer. Typically speeches and presentation materials are used in conjunction to present information to and to influence the opinion of an audience, though the opinion facet is not always present. In either case, the material must be presented in an interesting manner to keep the audience’s attention. In preparing speeches and presentations the writer must be both writer and entertainer. This, of course, requires additional talent from the writer, particularly in the creation of the presentation, which is usually done with Microsoft PowerPoint.



Subediting is a little discussed subject, but happens quite frequently in the writing industry. It can take many forms, from a paper help and extending materials in a poem to rewriting an entire chapter of a book. Subediting can be as simple as rewording a passage that is deemed rough when read to completing multiple pages with additional research or newly discovered materials or facts. The trick in subediting is getting the style of the edited portions to resemble the original writer’s style.

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